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Property & Landlord Accountant

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If you receive rental income from a property, you must declare this on your self-assessment tax return. As your Wirral Landlord Accountants, we can complete your rental self-assessment and ensure you can concentrate on running your properties.


This includes any income you receive from renting out a room in your own home. You must also declare any expenses you incur in relation to the rental property, such as repairs and maintenance, insurance, and mortgage interest.


Any profit you make from the rental property will be subject to income tax, and you may also be required to pay capital gains tax on any profits made from the sale of the property.

Landlord accountants based on
the Wirral


Why is a landlord accountant needed?

It is possible, with the right financial advice and services, for buy-to-let landlord accountants in Wirral to achieve a very rewarding return on investment. Whether you are a professional buy-to-let landlord or renting out a second property, LSA can offer our professional services and expertise to help you get the most out of your hard-earned investment.

  • Preparing rental accounts

  • Reviewing expenditures to get tax efficiencies

  • Preparing tax returns

  • Capital gains tax advice

  • Landlord specific reliefs

We can advise, calculate and submit your self-assessment tax return to HMRC for as little as £150! Or £275 if there are dual owners!

Rental Income Accountant Wirral,

Liverpool & Chester

When it comes to rental income, there are certain allowable expenses that can be deducted from your total income before calculating your tax liability.


These expenses can include repairs and maintenance, mortgage interest, insurance, property taxes, and any other costs you incur in relation to running the rental property.


Additionally, you may be able to deduct any capital expenditure such as the cost of furnishings or improvements to the property.


It is important to keep accurate records of all income and expenses related to the rental property, as these may be required for tax purposes. Hiring a property accountant can streamline your business and ensure you're covering all regulations.

Why is a landlord accountant needed?

It pays to be well-informed and understand how these changes will impact you as a landlord on the Wirral. This is one area in which the knowledge and expertise of property accountants Wirral can be invaluable, in providing advice and seeking out tax efficiencies. We will ensure all allowable expenses are being included so you're only paying the correct amount of tax.

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Get ready for Making Tax Digital

Find out how Making Tax Digital affects you and your business, we are here to help with MTD-compliant software and expertise, giving you peace of mind that your taxes are filed correctly and on time.

Hear from our clients

I would have no hesitation in recommending Lewis Smith Accountants in providing an all-round taxation and consultancy service. I am delighted to say the innovative approach and positive advice is refreshing, helping maintain the confidence that we are minimising tax liabilities."
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